Sunday, August 12, 2018

AUGUST 2, 2018


Tim Phllippart, Sharon Buckman, Katherine Flotz, Al Koch, Caren, Von See, Bev Stanislawski, Tammy Breitweiser, Sharon Palmeri,  Ruthann Graczyk, and Danielle Johnson.


A vote of approval for the July 19, 2018 minutes were given by SHARON BUCKMAN and seconded by KATHERINE FLOTZ.


AL KOCH’S son is in the process of editing Al’s current book.  

KATHERINE FLOTZ plans to speak to the members of PEA on October 4th

TIM PHILIPPART The North Hampton Review published some of Tim’s poems and plans are in place to publish additional poems by him. He is currently writing a story, titled “When Your Pepper is Sprinkled with Salt, and he is writing a short story, titled, “The Illinois Side of the River.”


TIM PHILIPPART read his delightful article, Any Big Plans for the Weekend?” about how one frequently forgets what day of the week it is, and the typical queries by the various people one meets about what one plans to do on the weekend.

KATHERINE FLOTZ read a poem she wrote about anxiously awaiting the birth of her granddaughter, Marin, who will be sixteen on December 21, 2018. 

AL KOCH read his humorous article Unforced Errors,” about the numerous forms of blunders; missed shots, self-inflicted actions, incorrect choices, and errors one makes in their life. He explained that one’s mistakes, poor decisions, lack of proper preparation, and bone-headedness are more commonly referred to as stupidity.

CAREN VON SEE read from chapters six and seven from her book, My Treasure Chest. Chapter six is about the conclusion of Antonio and Angelo’s meeting at the bank where they reviewed and signed the paperwork on their inheritance. Chapter seven is about their first meeting with the architect whom they hire to complete the remodel of the estate they inherit.

TAMMY BRIETWEISER read her flash fiction article titled, The Consequential Visit,” about unexpected visitors, including the ghost of a former boyfriend sent by Seamus. The visitors suggest that they are their because of the spell she cast four years ago about a soulmate. 

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read two poems. “Sock It to Me” is about her search through a drawer for a missing sock. When she finds the sock, it has a great big hole. Eyes Wide Open is about passing on the same special love that her grandmother taught her to her own daughter.

DANIELLE JOHNSON read the prologue from her book, Love & Dissidence. The main character is typing an article for distribution titled, “The Declaration of Russian Independence” in which she shares both her love of mother Russia, as well as her grievances about the controlling regime of a Socialist government and the fabled utopia of Communism under which she lives and toils. 

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