Thursday, May 20, 2010


Beverly Stanislawski, John Boufis, Cathy Dziubla, Sharon Buckman, Katherine Flotz, Sharon Palmeri

Cynthia Echterling, Sandra Nantuis, Janice Lewis, Barbara Funke

l. Sharon Palmeri stated she has been going through her old memoirs and trying to get them organized into book form. She is also working on the idea of a book binder for WOH members.
The binder would contain a few series of poems, short stories, etc., donated by each member.

2. John Boufis has been going through his old writings and recently found one that he had forgot he had written. It was a pleasant surprise.

3. Janice Lewis, a new guest from Hobart, stated she would like to write a book containing her memoirs. She was attending today’s meeting to hopefully get some ideas.

4. Sandra Nantuis, who enjoys writing poetry, stated she attended Sharon Palmeri's non-fiction writing class.
She has worked for the Lowell newspaper and is presently taking a short hiatus so that she might improve her other writing skills.

5. Cathy Dziubla has been doing some writing on articles that have special meaning for her.

6. Beverly Stanislawski stated she has won another prize for her original octetra poem, a style she created. She is an inspiration for all of us to keep trying.

7. Kathy Flotz has just returned from a four day trip with her husband and is now enjoying a little rest and relaxation. This includes a little backyard bird watching.

8. Sharon Buckman just returned from a five day camping trip with her husband. Though she wasn't able to do any writing she enjoyed the much needed relaxation and was able to do some reading.

9. Cynthia Echterling, who enjoys writing science fiction, stated she has written a book which is soon to be published online by Whiskey Creek Press. The book, "Help Wanted Humans - No Experience Necessary," is to published in two sections.

l0. Barbara Funko, our new guest from Chesterton, stated she retired four years prior from teaching English and Theater Arts. She enjoys writing poetry and recently took first place in a free verse poetry contest in Utah.


SANDRA NANTAIS read a true short story entitled, "Streetwise". The story told of her trip to Chicago, exiting at Millennium Station and heading to Michigan Avenue, a trip she routinely makes. She encounters a number of homeless people, stopping to talk to some of her favorites and always purchasing a Streetwise magazine, a magazine that is published to help the homeless by its proceeds.

CATHY DZIUBLA read an article she had written entitled "It Could Be A Chemical Imbalance." The article concerned the complexities of the brain and the actual problem of diagnosing and treating homosexuality. Her article inspired conversation among the members as to possible reasons.

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her award winning, octetra style poem, entitled, "Dance of Love". The twelve line poem followed all of her own rules and was beautifully written.

KATHY FLOTZ read an article she had written entitled, "Miracle of Birth in Our Backyard." The article was written about the robins nest and the resulting four birds they watched grow and later had to rescue after two of them fell out of the nest.

SHARON BUCKMAN continued with two pages of a new chapter from her book, "Canopy of Leaves." The story tells of the plan for escape of a captured teenager and the amount of endurance required of such a young girl.

CYNTHIA ECHTERLING read a few pages of her new book "Help Wanted - Human, No Experience Necessary". The story tells of a press conference being given by several aliens and the comical misunderstandings between them and the reporters interviewing them.

BARBARA FUNKE read her free verse poem, "Wind Farms Capital." Her award winning poem concerned the Mohave Wind Farms and had been entered in a social and political contest.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:
Sharon Buckman

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