Friday, June 2, 2017

JUNE 1, 2017

Katherine Flotz, Bob Philpot, Adam Sedia, Rebecca Juergens, Marilyn Kessler, Caren Von See, Sharon Buckman, Amy Brailey, Beverly Stanislawski, Rachael Thomas

Al Koch

A vote of approval for the April 20, 2017 minutes was first given by BOB PHILPOT and seconded by KATHERINE FLOTZ.


AMY BRAILEY announced that she had applied for a $2,000 grant from the Indiana Artists program, Literary Theater.   This was accomplished through

ADAM SEDIA stated that he will soon be joining a different law firm, Hoeppner, Wagner and Evans.  He also stated he will be attending an event at an Italian American Literary Society on June 17th.

RACHEL THOMAS stated she is in the process of self-publishing her book through Penit Publications; they require no money upfront and she will do all advertising.  She also stated you can follow her on her blog:


ADAM SEDIA brought two poems.  The first, “Morning Fog,” was a four-stanza poem viewing the world through a morning fog and the beauty of change as it “rends the veil and all the doubts that dog.”  The second poem, also four stanzas, is entitled, “Storm Chaser.”  These poems tells of the elegant view of a tornado at a distance, but remember, it really is “a temptress, swift and sly.”
REBECCA JUERGENS read two and a half pages of her second book in progress, In The Devils Hands.  This novel begins with Kale trying to comfort Teagan as she tells him of her recurring dream.  She tells him that she doesn’t believe it is just a dream but that it is possibly Kara trying to send her a message.

MARILYN KESSLER read her four-stanza poem which she had written in 1963, after the assassination  of John Kennedy.  The poem, entitled, "Daddy, Goodnight,” was a poem supposedly written by “little John” telling of his dad putting him to bed and helping him say his prayers.

CAREN VON SEE read her four-page short story entitled, “NYC Detectives and the Homeless.”  The story begins with a reporter interviewing two detectives, Harry and Ed, asking them how they ever got together to begin with, and how they began their vigil of always working with the homeless.

AMY BRAILEY read her two page, unfinished, short story entitled, “Moving Underground.”  The story begins with young Khalid hiding under a rocky overhang, in a war-torn city, as soldiers are approaching.  He tries to remember how it used to be, walking home from school and seeing a girl he wanted to meet.  He is soon brought back to reality when a young girl intrudes on his hiding space.

AL KOCH read two pages of thoughtful remembrances entitled, “Just Thinkin’. “ The beginning sentence, “What a person knows at fifty that they did not know at twenty one,” pretty well describes how life’s experiences change us.  Al’s closing sentence, “Each musing strengthens and nourishes our spirit: enabling each of us to celebrate life with renewed thankfulness and appreciation beyond words,” tells it all.

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her short story, “La Senora.”  This is a sweet story of a young girl’s devotion to an old man that she considered more of a father than a friend.  Trying to convince their small town that he was not crazy but instead a wise old man was something that she finally accomplished at the end of the story.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:



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