Tuesday, November 6, 2018

NOVEMBER 1, 2018


Tim Philippart, Katherine Flotz, Sharon Buckman, Amy Brailey, Caren VonSee, Amy Clites, Ruthann Graczyk, Sharon Palmeri, Hardarshan Valia


A vote of approval for the October 18, 2018 minutes was first given by CAREN VON SEE, and seconded by HARDARSHAN VALIA.


SHARON PALMERI stated that all banquet money needs to be in by November 18thNO EXCEPTIONS!

HARDARSHAN VALIA mentioned that a memo was placed in the Lake County Library for writer’s that have books published may bring them on December 3rd to sell.  You may check with the library for further information regarding the time, etc.


TIM PHILIPPART read five of his short poems.  The first, “May is Now November,” tells of all the hope brought forth in the spring only to be dashed from the difference in November.  The second, “What the Present Have Been,” telling of a man who tries to live in the moment, only to be ignored by those who live in the past, or to “a future that never keeps its promise.” The third, “Theory,” explains of the tightest tornado being vacuumed into suffocation.  The fourth, “Today,” tells of his response to the belief that it takes 42 days to break a habit or un-break a heart. The fifth, “No Fool Like,” tells of his favorite likes.  The sixth, “Tickle Its Face,” telling of the clock stealing time in the spring and holds dawn hostage in the fall. The seventh, “Project,” how he gives little time to self-improvement.

SHARON BUCKMAN first read her poem on “Procrastination,” and later a short one page story of what happened to her as a bad example of what not to do.

AMY BRAILEY read her short, unfinished story entitled, “Out of Sync.”  The story tells of a female student trying to avoid the attention of a young man who insists on trying to help her with her research.  The story ended with her trying to decide if she really wanted him to leave her alone.

CAREN VON SEE continued with her novel, “My Treasure Chest.”  In this part of her novel Antonio hires Pepe as a wood carver for his estate after seeing his portfolio.  After starting his work, Pepe recommends his friend, Walenty, to restore his family portraits.

AMY CLITES read her nine-stanza poem, “When There Are Nine.”  The poem tells of all the bad things that could not happen, such as, “no stories like Columbine, or misleading headlines,” if there were nine.  In this poem every line rhymes with the title.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M.

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