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February 8, 2024


Al Koch
Sharon Buckman
Katherine Flotz
Gail Galvan
Diane Stratton
Bob Neuman
Judy Neuman
Bev Stanislawski
Sharon Palmeri
Ruthann  Graczyk CindyHorgash                              Amy Brailey


New guidelines for minutes were discussed. Since no one wants to take minutes at this time, temporary guidelines have been put into place. They are listed as follows: Summaries of members readings, events, publishing news, awards, etc will be typed out and sent by E-MAIL (Times New Roman size 12 font) to Document files (doc files) are preferred. She will copy and paste them in a document, which will then be loaded onto our blog. Written summaries or text summaries will NOT be accepted.

EVENTS: Ruth Ann Graczyk will be making her theater debut. "The SS. Hilarity" is a dinner theater event at All Souls Catholic Parish in Sauk Villiage April 13 and 14th.  Ruth Ann plays a new hire on a cruise ship filled with comedy, music and dancing. For more information, contact Ruth.

Gail Galvan has extended a party invitation for her birthday.  (Contact Gail for  more details.) Hint: You may want to practice a little “do-re-me” ahead of this event at

Verona’s Pizza on route 30
1689 Morthland Drive
Valpo, IN 46386

Write-On, Hoosiers and Amy Brailey  will be hosting author Josh Dygert  at Bulldog Park in Crown Point, IN 46307  on March 21 at 6pm  Amy has been working hard to arrange this, so we expect a 100% attendance.


Josh Dygert’s short stories have appeared in a number of online magazines and anthologies, including in the #1 Amazon Bestselling Horror Anthology Secret Stairs. He is also the author of a middle-grade fantasy novel called The Story Traveler, which is available from Amazon. He studied English and Theater in college and now teaches middle school English.


"Grapes of Wrath” - by Al Koch

Summary: A story of Biblical importance, and the lessons that working with clay can be hazardous.

"Oh, Those Golden Years” - by Sharon Buckman
Summary: This is a comedy about two older women with short memories.

Katherine Flotz ‘My First Book Signing” - (autobiographical story)

Summary: Katherine writes about her experience with her first book signing.

Gail Galvan read “Karaoke Hot Spot” (poem, free verse) Summary: About Verona’s Pizza where she likes to go for pizza and sing Karaoke.
Gail also read: “Big Brother… Mail Call – Chicago Honor Flight” (a reflection)
about her brother, a Vietnam Vet, while on an honor flight read letters written by family members.

Judy Neuman "I Like-Us My Ficus" (comical poem)

Summary: A poem about a green Ficus tree bought at a dollar store.

Bob Neuman "Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd” (reflection)

Summary: Bob writes about his crowded family celebration dinner.

Bev Stanislawski read four poems: “Murmurations” (free verse)
Summary: A poem about a minion of Starlings, “Nature’s Violet” (Triolet) Summary: A poem about a black trimmed butterfly, “Who Is This God?” (Quatrain), Summary: self-explanatory poem and “Sea Battle" (Sonnet) Summary: about the ebb and flow of the Sea.

Sharon Palmeri read an older article in a weekly health column for the Lake County Star in the early ‘90s about a topic that is still a hot button topic today. “DangerousPolluted Water is Just the Beginning (Bubbles, bottles and…)Summary: The article is about an Avon lady who refused to drink her coffee because it was not brewed with bottled water.

Cindy Horgash
"Ciao Bella" Summary: A short story about a woman who passes away after her deceased husband visits her in a dream. -

Amy Brailey “Undocumented”  Summary: (a “finish the story” story) This story is about a boy who isn’t on record. He has to choose between being on the run and gaining connections.

Meeting Adjourned: Meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm

Respectfully submitted by

Write-on, Hoosier Members

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Novmber 9, 2023






 Members Present:   Sharon Palmeri, Diane Stratton, Bob Neuman, Judy Neuman, Amy Brailey, (with friends and students of Amy Brailey,) Kathryn Flotz, Shirley Hinman, and Cindy Horgash. 

Guests: Aaliyah Cline, Lucas Duncan, Isabelle Ramsey, absent:Tierney Reed Deluga








NEW BUSINESS:   We welcomed three of Amy Brailey's creative writing students to our meeting. There was some discussion about the upcoming Christmas party which will be held at Teibel’s restaurant in Schererville.  Members should arrive at 5:30 p.m. and dinner will begin at 6:00 p.m.   

Amy Brailey had three of her students with her and a friend.  The guests and members were asked about what kinds of writing they liked to do, and they replied.   

Sharon Palmeri (President) reminded the group again, that for future meetings the previous meetings’ minutes will be read to the entire group in attendance for approval.   



Sharon Palmeri continued her memoirs. “Christmas Tribute” was written in 1967, and “I Wonder Why” was written in 1968.  This details two poems about a time in Sharon’s life that she thought she would marry her high school sweetheart.   


Amy Brailey wrote “Things Forgotten”.  This is about a camp of people with no memories, but they start to remember. 


Judy Neuman shared a poem of memories of their pet kitty,named “Rusty.” 


Bob Neuman wrote a story entitled “Two Words, Eight Letters” about memories of our cat, Rusty”, as he joined others at“Rainbow Bridge”. 


Katherine Flotz wrote “Writers Palate”, which is a story of the Crown Point High School students who wrote stories about people they interviewed.  They published these stories in a book called: “The Legacy Project”.   


Diane Stratton wrote “I am the Listener”.  This is a non-fiction reflection telling what special gift she feels she has in life, using humor and true-life examples to explain her reasoning. 


Shirley Hinman wrote a poem entitled: “Upside Down” that depicts daily situations that are occuring, and are turning our country and world upside down. 


Sarah Byer, guest, wrote “Just be Brave,”  (Rebekkah’s Revolutionary War diary.)


Aaliyah Cline, Amy Brailey’s student, wrote a short story called “Feelings of Love”. 


Lucas Duncan, Amy Brailey’s student wrote “Angel of Death”, where Zach has a miserable life.  But when his only“light”, Mia, is in trouble, he must find a way to save her.   


Isabelle Ramsey, Amy Brailey’s student, wrote a touching story called “My Old Life”. 


Tierney Reed Deluga  Amy Brailey’s (who was unable to attend the meeting) wrote a beautiful self-discovery story entitled, “Growing Pains” read by Amy Brailey. 


Meeting ended at 7:30 pm


Respectfully Submitted by

Shirley Hinman



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

November 30, 2023



Al Koch

Katherine Flotz

Bob Neuman

Judy Neuman

Bev Stanislawski

Sharon Buckman

Cindy Horgash

Diane Stratton

Shirley Hinman



OLD BUSINESS:  Katherine Flotz  read the minutes


Al Koch "Teachable Moment"  (autobiographical short story)

Summary:  Teachable moments become the currency for conveying concepts, attitudes, and strengthening bonds of tolerance, acceptance, appreciation, and approval.


Katherine Flotz "A Senior Moment" (autobiographical /reflection short story)

Summary:  A senior moment comes along every once in a while.  I just had to pay more attention to where I was.  Finally, I accomplished my raffle ticket purchase.


Bob Neuman "God 'Fless' America"...and Roberta, Too!" (reflection)

Summary:  Anecdotes about some of the developmentally-disabled people that my wife, Judy, and I had the privilege to serve.  Special memories are shared about a young Down Syndrome lady, named Roberta, with a speech impediment.


Judy Neuman "Kiss And Tell" (autobiographical story)

Summary:  An article about her first romantic kiss by a new student at her school.  Was there any truth in the rumors surrounding the new boy?  How did Judy treat him and what remorse does she wrestle with now about her actions?


Bev Stanislawski "The Puzzle Pro" (fiction story)

Summary:  Puzzles are fun to do, but this Puzzle Pro was quite unique as the main character learns --


Cindy Horgash "Any Other Nutters" (autobiographical short story)

Summary:  A short story about her whacky, sometimes outrageous, but loveable family.


Shirley Hinman "Sink or Swim" (poem)

Summary:  We have to make the choice in life whether we will "Sink or Swim."  Oftentimes, the best choices we make are difficult ones.  But we learn through those choices -- how to develop strength and character and learn to complete the race and possess our land!


Meeting Adjourned:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted by WOH Members