Wednesday, August 3, 2022

JULY 28, 2022





Beverly Stanislawski, Bob Neuman, Katherine Flotz, Cindy Horgash, Al Koch, Sharon Palmeri, Judy Neuman, Sharon Buckmsan, Diane Stratton






SHARON PALMERI and SHARON BUCKMAN approved the minutes for the July 14, 2022 meeting.


KATHY FLOTZ stated that Jerry Davich would be speaking at the Merrillville Library on Saturday, August 6th, anyone wishing to attend needed to call ahead.


CINDY HORGASH stated that her short story, “Underfoot,” would be published in the November issue of Chicken Soup for the Soul, good going Cindy.

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI announced that she had received two awards in an Oklahoma Poetry Contest.  Second place for “Out fa Lunch,” and second place in the Honorable Mention category for “Sooner or Later, Okla’s Better.”


BOB NEUMAN read three of his poems.  The first, “Egrets,” is a poem about a parrot whose wife warned him of flying the coop…and it’s happy ending.  The second, “Acne,” is a short poem about a teen-aged boy’s bane with pimples.  The third, “A Bride’s Lament,”is a woeful refrain for marrying the wrong fellow.

CINDY HORGASH read her two-page short story entitled, “Green Bean Face Cream.”  A story about an enlightening bunco game where Charley shares his grandma’s homegrown remedy for warts and other family stories.

KATHY FLOTZ read a short story she had written after attending a funeral service for an eighty-year-old relative.  The story so reminded her of her father that she wrote a belated eulogy for him sixty-five years later.

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read four of her poems, the first entitled, “Marriage Never Dies,” a poem about how love is forever.  The second poem, “Curtain Time,” tells of the jitters of the performers before the play begins.  The third, “The Makeover,” is about making his girl perfect for another man.  The fourth, “Boomerang,” is about hate returning to it’s sender.

AL KOCH read his two-page story entitled, “Mind-Master,”  The summary states a good teacher does not promote themselves but leads their charges to the threshold of their own mind.  Mom’s do it best!  They really know their ABC’S.

SHARON PALMERI read her five-page memoir about her favorite English professor.  Despite the fact that he retired before she graduated, the two kept in touch for 36 years, until his death on June 28, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:


JULY 14, 2022




Al Koch, Sharon Buckman, Amy Brailey, Bob Neuman, Judy Neuman, Shirley Hinman, Kathy Flotz, Beverly Stanislawski, Cincy Horgash






The previous minutes were read and approved by KATHY FLOTZ and CINDY HORGASH.


BOB NEUMAN suggested members might enjoy reading “Everything You Need to Know You Learned in Kindergarten,” in the July issue of Readers Digest.

KATHY FLOTZ stated that Jerry Davich was having a workshop at the Lake County Library on Saturday, August 6th.  If you are interested in attending you can contact him at

AMY BRAILEY stated she was in the process of finishing Finding Francis, the sequel to Behind the Veil.

AL KOCH stated that the Pierogi Fest, in Whiting, IN, would be held on July 29th to the 3lst.


CINDY HORGASH read a two-page short story entitled, “Woe-Is-Me-disease,” a very sweet story about the kindness of a stranger who lifted her spirit during a very difficult time.

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read three of her poems, the first entitled, “Homecoming,” a rhyming quatrain about a person returning home after many years away and finding the neighborhood really changed.  The second poem, “It’s Greek to Me,” contained rhyming couplets about how important Greek heritage is to many people.  The final poem, “The Captain and His Lady,” was a spoon river, free verse poem written from a deceased person’s viewpoint.  A ship’s captain was truly in love with his ship.  Both lived and died together.

KATHY FLOTZ read two poems, both written at her cottage in Wisconsin.  The first poem, entitled “The Awakening,” told of how all the birds proclaim their praises to their Creator in a loud voice.  The second poem, “A Rainy Day,” was a poem written in the shape of a butterfly, telling about birds and butterflies shaking off the rain drops and folding in their shapely wings.

SHIRLEY HINMAN read her one page poem entitled, “Two Sides of the Coin.”  Her summary of the poem stated every coin has two sides; thus sometimes opposite sides promoting in our lives patience, maturity and personal growth.

AL KOCH read, “THE 28th AMENDMENT: A PROPOSAL,” a proposal to consider limiting the terms of elected officials of the three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, Judicial.

BOB NEUMAN read his one page poem entitled, “Why, Wrigley?” Bob’s fictional interrogation of his cat Wrigley, also his sleeping habits.

JUDY NEUMAN read her two page article entitled, “What Did You Just Say, Sally?” An article about distortions in language, life and more importantly distorted views of God’s truth which can be eternally deadly.

SHARON BUCKMAN continued reading two pages from her novel, “Running on a Treadmill.”  In this part of the story Eric finally succeeds in finding Sandy’s newest address and intends on traveling to Seattle to find her.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:



Tuesday, July 12, 2022

June 23, 2022



Al Koch, Katherine Flotz, Bob Neuman, Judy Neuman, Bev Stanislawski, Sharon Buckman, Cindy Horgash, Diane Stratton, Shirley Hinman.





AL KOCH shared wisdom and insights with his story entitled “TEACHABLE MOMENT”.  He showed through his true life examples how teachable moments become the currency for conveying concepts, attitudes, and strengthening bonds of tolerance, acceptance, appreciation and approval.


In the nonfiction story “A SENIOR MOMENT”, a shopping experience is detailed by KATHERINE FLOTZ.  She tells us that a senior moment comes along every once in a while.  She realized that she just had to pay more attention to where she was.  Finally, she accomplished her goal of purchasing the package of raffle tickets she needed when she first became unexpectedly sidetracked.


A collection of anecdotes entitled “GOD ‘FLESS’ AMERICA … AND ROBERTA, TOO” was presented by BOB NEUMANThis also inspired some final thoughts with which he closed his article in tribute to the people he had mentioned.  These individualized anecdotes are about some of the developmentally disabled people that he and his wife had the privilege to serve.  Special memories are shared about a young lady named Roberta who has both Down syndrome and a speech impediment.


JUDY NEUMAN read the article “KISS AND TELL” that described an episode from her eighth grade year and what she felt reflecting back on it as an adult.  It tells about her first romantic kiss by a new student at her school.  She wondered if there was any truth in rumors that surrounded the new boy.  It told how Judy treated him and what remorse she now wrestles with in regard to her actions.  This occurred after the full story and facts were revealed about this boy and the realization of what he unfairly endured due to the public mistrust and assumptions.


Her fiction story “THE PUZZLE PRO” was shared by BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI.  In this story, Beverly demonstrates that puzzles are fun to do, but this particular Puzzle Pro challenger was quite unique, as the main character comes to learn through a lively competition that culminates in a surprise realization.


CINDY HORGASH entertained with her short story “ANY OTHER NUTTERS” which describes amusing accounts of events with her whacky, sometimes outrageous, but loveable family.


The poem “SINK OR SWIM” was read by SHIRLEY HINMAN.  In her poem, she tells how we have to make choices in life, and whether we will “sink or swim”.  Oftentimes, the best choices we make are difficult ones.  But we learn through those choices – how to develop strength and character and learn to complete the race and possess our land!


The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Diane Stratton