Friday, November 12, 2010



Beverly Stanislawski, Sharon Jesik, Tom Spencer, Sandra Nantais, George Miga, Mary Wooley, Sharon Buckman, Liz Wilson, John Cotey, John Boufis, Michelle Vargas, Kelly Chase, Laurie Chase


1. Tom Spencer announced that his poetry club, in Lowell, took ten out of the ninety-one awards given by the Indiana State Federation of Poetry Club (ISFPC). He also stated he attended the State Reading for Poetry at McCormick Creek State Park and his group will be hosting this event in the spring.

2. Beverly Stanislawski astounded us all by stating that she had taken fourteen different awards this past month, some monetary, from five different states, Ohio, Arkansas, Indiana, Texas and Florida - all poetry.
Congratulations Beverly!

3. John Boufis stated he has been busy chairing the School Improvement Committee. He also informed us he belongs to the Title One Reading Program (a program designed for "at risk" children to bring up their reading skills).

4. Sharon Jesik has been busy writing and doing research on the Zuni native American tribes, a necessity for the book she is writing. She stated they seem to have a language all of their own.

5. Sandra Nantais stated she has been busy with her photo club, which included driving to Turkey Creek.

6. Laurie Chase has been busy starting a new novel, "Biding His Time." She also issued an invitation for our group to attend the free musical at her church, Bethany Chapel, on Dec. ll th - she and her husband are in the Christmas musical.

7. Kelly Chase is still very busy writing and doing her high school homework.

8. George Miga has been busy trying to re-arrange his third novel, "Gray Gorillas," as suggested by a friend. He is also thinking about finding a script writer for his first novel, "Final Mission, Grant and Lee."

9. Liz Wilson stated she recently visited most of her family members in Lafayette; all of the children that attended ended up getting sick.

10. John Cotey has been very busy working two jobs and attending Calumet Community College where he is taking classes in child psychology.

11. Mary Wooley stated she took a trip to Houston followed by attending a class reunion in her hometown of Palacios, Texas. She is also working on a 50,000 word contest for National Novel Writing Month.

12. Michelle Vargas stated she had an article printed, "Light of the World," for the Lutheran Witness Magazine. She has also been working on two skits, object lessons for sermons, for her church.

13. Sharon Buckman has been busy working on her novel, "Canopy of Leaves, " as well as trying to help in closing up their cabin for the winter.


BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her poem, "I LOVE ART," a poem explaining her love of all art, a portrait or landscape, as long as she can fathom the various and styles and colors.

MICHELLE VARGAS describes her wonder as a child in the various lights at Advent time in her church. The short story is entitled "The Lights of the World." She also describes the fear of her hair possibly catching on fire from the various candles.

SHARON JESIK continued reading from her novel, "Corn Dancer." In this part of her novel, Luck, the best friend of recently deceased Doty, goes into a shocked state as other friends witness him being almost completely covered with sand. After he is rescued from this they discover the "sand" was really dead bees.

TOM SPENCER brought his seven stanza poem entitled, "In Mind of Time." The poem tells of the aging of the mind, passing from the teenage years to later years and asking the reader to enjoy the memories.

SANDRA NANTAIS read her article, "Gotchies." Gotchies, plural polish name for underwear, was part of her childhood memories, especially at Christmas when her grandmother's Christmas gift to her was a full box of "gotchies."

LAURIE CHASE continued reading her novel, "Dual Heritage." In this continuation, Dr. Togalaz, who is half human and half allizorn, is trying to adjust to the ship she has been assigned to. Most of the colors, etc., are not consistent with the things she is used to and she asks to have them replaced.

KELLEY CHASE continues with her story entitled, "The Ring." After finding out that tragedy had actually fallen upon a girl who was trying to date her boyfriend, she felt very guilty, especially since it had happened in the way she had originally hoped.

LIZ WILSON continued with chapter one of her novel, "Bottomside." In this suspenseful novel the main character, Zophie, becomes alarmed when hearing strange noices coming from outside of her patio doors. After opening the doors and stepping outside she almost freezes in terror when she sees strange small people beneath her balcony.

JOHN COTEY read his short story entitled, "Finders Keepers." This half true story tells of his memory of an event which happened in his teen years. After finding out his parents were planning a trip to Florida, John plans a party in their absence, a party which included a case of beer. The beer was found by his parents shortly before their departure, needless to say the party never happened.

MARY WOOLEY read her short story, "Mary's Fairy." The story tells of a ten year old girl, living with her grandmother, and living in her make believe world which includes a small fairy that her grandmother cannot see.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:

Sharon Buckman