Thursday, January 20, 2011



Sharon Jesik, George Miga, Judy Whitcomb, Liz Wilson, Laura Chase, Kelly Chase, Jessica Bard, Arthur Wilkerson, Cathy Dziubla, Kathy Flotz, Sharon Palmeri, Sharon Buckman

Jane Burns


Sharon Palmeri asked the members if they liked the idea of a "traveling story." It would start with one of the members writing the first paragraph and giving it a title. This member would then send it back to Sharon Palmeri who would then forward it on to another member to be continued and then returned to so on. Each member would have one week to add to the story This would continue on without anyone knowing who wrote each paragraph --except Sharon. The "traveling story" was agreed upon and agreed to be read at the Christmas Party, if not earlier.

Sharon Palmeri also asked the members if they would like to repeat producing another "Hoosier Horizon Magazine" for this year. It was unanimously approved. The magazine would again be pre-ordered and distributed at the Christmas Party.


Jane Burns stated she moved to this region (Lowell) only eleven days prior from southern Missouri. She was previously a volunteer for a dog rescuing unit. She enjoys writing Greek mythology and is presently revising a novel she started one year prior.

George Miga has decided he is going to continue working with only one book for the present, "Medal of Dishonor." He has begun making some changes that were suggested by his son and a friend.

Judy Whitcomb has been so busy with extra curricular activities that she has been unable to do any writing. She is one of the IWC PoPP contest judges (along with Sharon Palmeri, Jackie Huppenthal and Katherine Flotz) for the poem competition at the Lake Street School. Winning entries from the each grade level will be selected from the 333 participants, and winners will receive awards as well as magazine publication. Judy also mentioned she has received her second rejection letter for one of the children's stories she has written.

Liz Wilson stated she has almost finished the final revision of her novel Bottomside.

Laura Chase has been very busy with the care of her parents and therefore left with very little time for writing. She was able to do a small amount of work revising her present novel.

Kelly Chase stated she hasn't been able to do any writing due to school finals.

Jessica Bard stated she has been able to do some writing, poems and a short story.

Cathy Dziubla has been busy working on her children's book (two chapters to go.) She also stated she has been busy trying to sell a lot they own.

Kathy Flotz has also been busy helping to judge the poetry contest at the Lake Street School.

Sharon Palmeri stated she has gone back to her old job as a Media Technician IUN (radio station). She has also been busy judging the IWC PoPP poetry contest as well as working on a painting story she had previously started. Sharon will be teaching a Writers Workshop and Publishing in the 21st Century for the Merrillville Adult and Community Education. She is also serving as vice president for the Hobart High School Alumni Association.

Sharon Jesik has been busy working on her novel Corn Dancer and writing poetry.

Sharon Buckman stated she has finished her novel and will now begin revision.


The Prairie Writers Guild will be hosting a reading for their book at the Mellow Brew Cheesecake House in Dyer. The event will be on Feb. 19th from 2-5 P.M. and will also feature music. Several WOH members have had stories and poems published in their book.


Kathy Flotz read the continuation of her new book, The Journey. The man, Tom Wilson, who was saved during the Second World War by a widow and her children, has finally decided to send a check and start looking for a home for her and her children after being chastised by his secretary.

Sharon Buckman continued with her book, Canopy of Leaves. The story is nearing the end of the escape of a young girl from a backwoodsman in Kentucky. In trying to save her dog, who was traveling with her, she allowed the captor to catch up with her.

Cathy Dziubla wrote a short article called, "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow." The story related to the beautiful falling snow, that we all witnessed in the morning, and how lucky it made her feel to be living where she did.

Jessica Bard read her four stanza poem, "Ten Sixths Past The Hour." The comical poem asks for help to find the time from the readers busy day, and to find her heart, which she thinks she left "right next to my mind."
Sharon Jesik continued with her novel, Corn Dancer. As the friends of the deceased, Doty, try to find the answer to her death they become caught in a mountain snowfall and avalanche.

Jane Burns read her two page short story entitled "Yarn." The story relates to an argument between a brother and sister as the sister continues to talk to her mythical playmates, a Raggedy Ann doll named Anne and the narrator named Erin.

Liz Wilson continued with her novel, Bottomside. The story deals with some fictitious "little people" who caused a great deal of damage to the apartment of a girl named Zophie. It starts with her trying to get up and take pictures of the departing "little people," and continues with the main character named Isaac who also tries to deal with the attack.

Laurie Chase continued with reading the revised version of her book, Badradin. The main character, the half human Dr. Togalaz, is still under scrutiny as the Commander of ship tries to find more answers to her identity.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted:

Sharon Buckman

Friday, January 7, 2011



Sharon Jesik, Art Wilkerson, Jessica Bard, John Boufis, George Miga, Sharon Buckman, Beverly Stanislawski, Kathy Flotz, Sandra Nantais, Tom Spencer, Pam Gonzalez, Jackie Huppenthal, Sharon Palmeri, Laurie Chase, Kelly Chase

1. Tom Spencer stated that he has been busy writing since our last meeting. It was also brought to our attention that he is now a board member for the Indiana Writers Consortium.

2. Pam Gonzalez announced that she has made herself a New Year’s resolution. She intends to do more writing, which also includes having material to read at each of our WOH meetings.

3. Jackie Huppenthal has also made a New Year’s resolution to keep submitting entries into various contests she finds; she has already entered five this year. Jackie is now secretary/treasurer for the Indiana Writers Consortium.

4. Jessica Bard, a new member, is Art Wilkerson's granddaughter. She stated her writing preference is poems and short stories.

5. Art Wilkerson stated he is thinking of writing a book called "Total Destruction of Mankind by King Clutter." He also intends to do more writing.

6. Sharon Jesik has been busy making Christmas things for her grandchildren but now intends to devote more time to her writing.

7. Kathy Flotz received a call from a person representing the Beecher, Ill. Middle School in regards to trying to set up a speaking engagement concerning her book "Pebble in My Shoe." Kathy is now the Vice President of the Indiana Writers Consortium.

8. Sharon Palmeri has been enjoying her "home vacation" catching up on various chores she hasn't been able to get to due to her busy schedule. She is now a board member for Indiana Writers’ Consortium. She also thanked the members for the wonderful gift she received from them for Christmas.

9. Beverly Stanislawski hasn't been able to do much writing lately due to a problem with vertigo, probably caused from sinusitis, however, she finally heard from the Texas Poetry Society regarding her entry several months prior - she won an entry in their magazine.

10. Laurie Chase has also had a problem with writing lately; her mother and father have recently moved in with her and have been entered into the Hospice program. She has, however, started to re-write her book and has changed the title to "Badradin."

11. Sharon Buckman stated she had been ill during most of the Christmas vacation but is now starting to get back into writing again.

12. George Miga stated he has been given an incentive by the man who hired him to speak for the Purdue Crisis Management Program. After reading George's book "Medal of Dishonor," he advised him to keep on working on it, calling him several times and praising the book.

13. John Boufis has been re-evaluating his priorities; he has decided to try and reduce the stress in his life and devote more time to writing.

14. Kelly Chase just enjoyed her Christmas vacation, especially all the clothes she received which included a pair of cowboy boots.

15. Sandra Naintais also made a New Year’s resolution - to continue working with her father's old letters, always ending with SWAK (sealed with a kiss.)


SharonPalmeri asked for nominations for new officers for this year. There were no takers. As a result the past year's officers were ratified to remain in place by unanimous agreement. Officers are Sharon Palmeri, President; Katherine Flotz, Vice President/treasurer, and Sharon Buckman, Secretary. All accepted serving in their offices.


SHARON JESIK continued with a few pages of her book "Corn Dancer." The friends of the deceased, Dotty, have finally reached Yan's home in the mountains and are seeking advice as to the appearances they have witnessed of their deceased friend.

JESSICA BARD read her four stanza poem "The Day Mercy Died." The poem, which has a line, "killing her killers, I tore off their wings," is left for the reader to do their own interpretation.

SHARON BUCKMAN continued with her book, "Canopy of Leaves." The story, nearing the end of the last chapter, tells of the young teen trying to stay ahead of her captor after her escape.

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her comical four stanza poem, "Sock it to Me." It was a poem that everyone could relate to when trying to determine "what happened to the other sock?"

KATHY FLOTZ continued with her newest book, "The Journey." The story, which tells of a refugee mother and her two children hoping to come to the United States to visit the man they rescued during the Second World War and who is now pondering the decision as to what he will do with them.

SANDRA NANTAIS wrote a short story entitled, "Christmas Gathering 20l0." The story tells of all the good times her family had at their friend’s house and wondering what will happen now that the friend’s house will be bulldozed after they move.

TOM SPENCER wrote a three stanza poem entitled, "California's Careless Cavaliers," tells of the destruction caused by the Santa Anna Winds.

PAMELA GONZALEZ continued with her book, "Thokka." The book, a fantasy novel, tells of a beast called "Thorsulla," sailing through the air over a seacoast village and continuing with the average life of the villagers below.

JACKIE HUPPENTHAL read her six stanza poem, read from the bottom up, entitled "The Top." The poem, accompanied with pictures, told of the journey to the top of the very tall fire tower at the Tippecanoe River State Park in Indiana.

LAURIE CHASE continued with her newly re-written and re-titled book, "Badradin." The story involves the life of a female physician from a future planet who is half human and trying to adjust to the ship's life and environment she has been assigned to.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted:
Sharon Buckman