Monday, August 26, 2019

August 15, 2019

The Meeting began at 6:10 P.M.


Diane Stratton, Al Koch, Dennis Mclean, Tim Phillapart, John Hunt, Bob Philpot, Marilyn Kessler, Amy Brailey, Katherine Flotz, Sharon Palmeri, and Helena Qi


A vote of approval for the Aug.1, 2019, minutes was first given by AL KOCH and seconded by HELENA QI.


AL KOCH’s long awaited book has been published.  He’s expecting copies soon! (And will bring some to the meetings.  Reserve your copies now!)  Congratulations, Al!


DENNIS MCLEAN read the pages 22-25 of his novel entitled The Eye of the Gift Horse.  In this section, Spook has returned from the Snap up tree unharmed, and Sidney learns the secret of the tree.

AL KOCH shared “Hello” which gives a number of hilarious responses to the annoyance of telemarketers.

KATHERINE FLOTZ  shared a section of After the Pebbles which chronicles the events after her book A Pebble in My Shoe.  In this selection, we see Katherine and George’s marriage and wedding reception.

JOHN HUNT read The Sparrow’s Sad Song Chapter 2.  In this section, when moving vans come to take Caity’s things from her home after her accident, Ryan remembers his first meeting with Caity before returning home.   

TIM PHILLIPART read three free verse poems.  The first, “Send Water” looks at the way we respond to tragedy and extends that desire to help beyond natural disasters to the deeper problems in society. “Nicely Tailored” takes a nostalgic look at the snapping of green beans and what is communicated in the process.  “Sweet Delay” reminds us of the special places that feed our souls and make our daily lives more livable. 

MARILYN KESSLER read Chapter 5 entitled “Gold” from her currently untitled novel.  In this chapter, Papa is planning his trip home.  He has just found a rider when he learns his brother (The Kid) has been shot.  He has to change his plans to care for his brother.

DIANE STRATTON read “Story of a Life” in which a trip to the thrift store reveals a portrait which causes wonder.  What happened to the people in the portrait?  What, in fact, is the story of a life?

HELENA QI shared her response to a daughter’s tribute to her mother.  In the tribute, the daughter shared that her mother’s life sparked the desire to be a better person and influence others.  Helena’s letter encourages the daughter with the impact the tribute had.

DANIELLE JOHNSON read Chapter 3 from Love, Death, and Socialism.  This section is told from Tasha’s perspective and shares her home situation which has influenced her attitude.  She is dealing with her mother’s prostitution and the aftermath.

The Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Brailey 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

August 1, 2019

The Meeting began at 6:15 P.M.


Sharon Buckman, Marilyn Kessler, Dennis Mclean, Tim Phillapart, Gail Galvan, Beverly Stanislawski, Katherine Flotz, Caron Von See, Sharon Palmeri, Al Koch, Amy Brailey, Diane Stratton, and Bob Philpot


A vote of approval for the July 18, 2019, minutes was first given by KATHERINE FLOTZ and seconded by DIANE STRATTON.


BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI received several awards for poems entered in the Ohio Poetry Society contest.  Her poem “Just a Paris Friday Night” won a first place prize of $60.  She also received three Honorable Mentions for her poems “Sisters,” “When We is Just Me,” and “Tribute.”  Congratulations, Beverly!

CAREN VON SEE received a publishing contract from Balboa Press to publish her novel My Treasure Chest.  She is currently in the revision stage.  Congratulations, Caren!

TIM PHILLIPART has had several poems published in an Anthology, and has also been selling books of his poetry at Wisconsin Craft Fairs.  Congratulations, Tim and Savoy Inc. Publishing Company.


MARILYN KESSLER read Chapter 4 entitled “Damned Fool” from her currently untitled novel.  In this chapter, Papa is still working his claim and missing his family.  Having to bail out his younger and more irresponsible brother helps make his decision on a date to return home.  A roommate of his has been killed for working another man’s claim.

TIM PHILLIPART read four free verse poems.  The first, “There Will Be Fireworks” plays on the holiday theme in looking at things that cause conflict, which, whether intended or not, will lead to “fireworks.”  “Rocking the Church” takes a humorous look at the thinks people do to stay awake in church.  “Tassels and Silks” gives corn a fun personified life-cycle.  Finally, “Sad I Don’t Live” looks at what life would be like if the beauty around us that is so enthralling were commonplace instead of magical. 

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI  read three of her award winning poems (Ohio Poetry Society prize winners).  Just a Paris Friday Night” (first place!) is a pantoum poem written in remembrance of the terrorist attacks in Paris.  “When We is Just Me” is a truly poignant poem expressing the feelings one experiences in the loss of a spouse and the difficulty of getting used to saying me instead of we.  “Sisters” is a Dorsimbra poem which contrasts two siblings.
AL KOCH shared “August” which highlights the highs and lows of this month that is the tail end of summer and not quite the beginning of fall.  Woven with memories of seasons past, he helps us enjoy the fleeting, changing seasons.

CARON VON SEE read Chapter 15 pages 3-7 of My Treasure Chest.  In this section, Antonio tries to solve the problems between Angelo and Uncle Lorenzo.  Angelo wants to develop new wines while Uncle Lorenzo is stick in the past (Albeit with an award winning wine).

KATHERINE FLOTZ read a free verse poem entitled “The Golden Years” in which she compares our process of growing older with the growth of trees at a cottage.

DENNIS MCLEAN read the pages 18-21 of his novel entitled The Eye of the Gift Horse.  In this section, Spook agrees to stand in the “Snap up tree” (a plot created by Maddie and Gretchen, to “rescue” the kidnapped Andrea.)  Sidney wishes he’d had the courage to volunteer.

DIANE STRATTON read “Garden Growing” in which she considers the fact that all of the trials (weeds, being sabotaged by animals, etc.) actually makes the gardener grow almost as much as the plants!

The Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Brailey