Sharon Buckman [2012]
Canopy of Leaves
Katherine Flotz
A Pebble in my Shoe [2005]

Gail Galvan
Texting Smash-ups, Mishaps, and Laughs  [2016]
Affinity for Rainbows: Sunshine Finish Lines Kindle Edition  [2013]
New Jack Rabbit City: Starring the Chicago Hares  [2013]
Affinity for Rainbows [2013]
Self-Publishing-Sucks-Sometimes-Here’s Why.... [2009]
Autobiography of an Allergic/Asthmatic Survivor [2001]

George Miga
The Final Mission: Grant and Lee [2011]

Adam Sedia
The Spring's Autumn [2013]
Tom Spencer (with Jas Singh, Ph.D)
America on Fire! A Poetic Tribute to the Memories of 9-11-01 [2001]
Word Castles [2001]

Percy Varrants (aka Gail Galvan)
On the Literary Road with a Writer

Dave Wilgus
Our Father's Wonderful Mercy  – July 24, 2012

Gail Galvan and Sharon Palmeri 
Poetry Palace [2005]
Gail Galvan
HS – Hoosier Storybook [2004]


SHARON BUCKMAN resides in Crown Point, In. with her husband of 57 yrs. She is the mother of four children, including one blind foster child. Her favorite hobbies are writing, painting and working in her flower garden. She particularly enjoys writing short stories.

Book Description
Anne was celebrating her 13th birthday with her parents. A boating accident, which caused the loss of both of her parents, left her stranded along the bank of a Kentucky river. She is later found and held captive by a reclusive trapper. Her biggest challenge was trying to appear content with her existence, even pretending to be pregnant, as she planned her escape.




KATHERINE FLOTZ  is the author of A Pebble in my Shoe a memoir of her life in a concentration camp in the former Yugoslavia during 1944-1947.  She lives in Crown Point with her husband, George.  She has participated in the Write-On Hoosiers writing group for over ten years.

A Pebble in My Shoe [Paperback] 2005
Katherine Hoeger Flotz (Author)  ISBN-10: 0965779335  ISBN-13: 978-0965779333 

Book Description

This is a story of survival by two families in the turmoil of World War II in Yugoslavia. The author recalls her memoirs as a child of nine in a concentration camp, suffering serious illness, hunger and fear. Her husband's family traveled throughout Germany during the last months of WWII always one step ahead of the enemy. A holocaust of another faith in another country.



GAIL GALVAN is a Hoosier who has enjoyed being a member of Write-On Hoosiers for years. She is a poet, writer, and self-publisher of twelve books books with the help of her heroes: print on demand publishers.  Galvan admits there are pros and cons to POD publishing, but still considers it a miracle era that allows stories and poems to break into print and come to life.






Book Description

 New inventions are wonderful, right? The way we do things is simplified and our lives are made easier. Do you think cell phones, texting, and tragic statistics are what Alexander Graham Bell had in mind, though, when he first introduced us to the telephone, when cell phone inventors dazzled us? Pros and cons to everything, right? In fictitious narrative short story and poetic form, the deadly negative consequences of cell phone texting is what this book is all about. Texting distractions disrupt, maim, and kill every day. Like a fatal attraction, sadly, society cannot ignore the dark side related to cell phone texting. Though occasionally humor is a part of the story, mostly, the author makes a profound matter of life and death point: TEXT SAFELY or bad things will happen!



Gail M. Galvan (Author)  Sept 2013 ISBN-10: 1492145041  ISBN-13: 978-1492145042

Book Description

Fly like the free bird, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, into the realm of "animated possibilities of whatever you wish." Author's Goals: To inspire, ignite, enlighten, sting, soothe, and share. Content: Philosophical bits and pieces, adventurous poetic: tales, passions, and tributes to heroes. Also, as a self-publishing advocate, here you are, a perfect example of the modern day wonders of self-publishing. It's this easy poets/writers! Kindle eBooks, Create Space paperbacks, I'll give you the literary recipe in this book: how you can publish for free! I did! "Oh what a wonderful world!" Okay, back to the poetry book themes: Sunshine always follows stormy weather, please fight injustice, and live, truly live! Excerpt: “The comfort of rainbow pillows forever near, even when shedding just one more tear. From restless nights to nocturnal wishes and dreams of day, look for the rainbows. Find the way. Living, loving, feeling, colors of age, from young to old, take hold, stay bold.”


 Publication Date: June 6, 2013

by Mike Evanouski (Author), Gail Galvan (Author)

ISBN-10: 1490349510  ISBN-13: 978-1490349510

Book Description

There is a new generation of rabbits living in the Bruneau sand dune desert near Boise, Idaho. Miracles happen. Magic water and the new digital frequency enable the rabbits to grow tall and speak perfect English. Mr. Mayor, a flashy dressed six-feet-tall character, watches over his town and residents of New Jack Rabbit City. When an egotistical Chicago hare gangster named Caponey comes to town to drink up the magic water, grow big, and head back to Chicago to rule the streets, Mr. Mayor must deal with him and the rest of the South-Sider gang. A greedy cattle rancher and a couple cowboys stir up trouble, too, when they drive a tanker in to "suck the magic spring dry," so all the cows can become giant-size and bring in more profits. So it's up to the Mayor and all of his helpers to save the day. Thanks to Abby, an inquisitive eight year old, a human family stumbles across N.J.R.C., too. When Abby leads her Uncle Mike, brother, Zach, and their two dogs, Eggy and Nasty, to meet the Mayor, magical days and altered realities happen. They can't believe what a difference a day makes! It's a wonderland tale, one for the storybooks. Let the human family who lived the adventure share it with you. Welcome to New Jack Rabbit City!




Henry, a dedicated antibody, goes from assignment to assignment within human bodies and tries his best to save lives. Hypersensitive individuals don't make it sometimes, though. Henry is tormented by a casualty of the past, Marin, a teenager he liked. She got stung by a bee and died. The war between allergens and antibodies took place within Marin's body and Henry was there trying to persuade antibodies to quit overreacting before it was too late. But they didn't listen. When another hypersensitive young woman is about to lose her life, Henry knows it's up to him to prevent the tragedy. "My story is about saving lives before it's too late and increasing awareness regarding allergies, asthma, and autoimmune afflictions. I'll do my best," says Henry.


Gail M. Galvan (Author) ISBN-10: 0741450259  ISBN-13: 978-0741450258


Book Description

This author shares her roller coaster ride experiences of self-publication and book sales attempts and dreams of a breakthrough. This advocate for unknown authors professes throughout her book: WRITE-ON!


Gail M. Galvan (Author)   ISBN-10: 0738865567   ISBN-13: 978-0738865560

Book Description

In Autobiography of an Allergic/Asthmatic Survivor, the early life of Sara Marie Jones is shared with her readers. Sara Marie's life depicts a journey from sickness to wellness and recognition of "all of the gray areas in between." Though some minor events and occasional later in life insight may be juxtaposed simply to fit certain material in suitable places; the story is basically true.




GEORGE P. MIGA is a retired manager and director for Amoco Corp.  He served for ten years as adjunct faculty for Indiana University’s Graduate School of Business and Economics and was a founder and advisor for IUN’s Institute for Innovative Leadership. 
Prior to his career with Amoco, he was a newspaper reporter and correspondent for the Associated Press.  He served in the Air Force and later became a commercial charter pilot. In addition to publishing this  post-Civil War historical novel – The Final Mission: Grant & Lee, Miga has contributed articles to several professional publications.  
George Miga (Author)  ISBN-10: 1448969581  ISBN-13: 978-1448969586

Book Description

It is 1870, and the nation is still badly splintered by the Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant, two years into a presidency tainted by scandal, struggles to unite the country. He believes only one man can help him convince the factions to bury the gauntlet – a man admired more in the South and North than the general who won the war – Robert E. Lee.


Adam J. Sedia (b. 1984) is a native of Lake County, Indiana, where he practices law. His practice primarily focuses on complex civil litigation, and he has argued many cases before the federal and Indiana appellate courts. His poetical works have appeared in Hoosier Voice Journal and Tulip Tree Review.


Book Description

The Spring's Autumn is Adam's first volume of poetry. It includes thirty-four lyric poems, mostly written in classical style, utilizing rhyme and meter, and forms such as pantoum, rondeau, sonnet, and villanelle. The poems meditate on subjects from nature and everyday human experience, addressing themes of contrast, duality, mortality, and order versus chaos.



Book Description

Adam Sedia's second collection of poems, this volume includes thirty-three lyric poems of many varieties. Poetic forms range from simple haiku to sonnets to multi-stanza ballads, and the poems address a wide range of subjects from marriage proposal to storm clouds to Halloween. Though varied, all poems maintain the poet's inimitable voice and unmistakable perspective.

 TOM SPENCER (In Memory)


TOM SPENCER was a formalist poet who facilitated two fiction writing courses for Writer's Village University, an online writer's resource site. He was also the author of the University's first electronic publication, a selection of 186 poems in many different forms. Tom was active in four writer's groups and edited poetry for other poets. He lived in Indiana. He passed away on June 15, 2015. His memory and love of poetry will stay with us.

Tom Spencer with Jas Singh, Ph.D. (Author) [2001]
ISBN-10: 0971573905    ISBN-13: 978-0971573901

Book Description

Few events shook the world as profoundly as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks did. As Americans now struggle to regain a sense of normalcy, they're forced to deal with a multitude of emotions they may never have experienced before. To help people through this trying time, Jas Singh, Ph.D. and Tom Spencer have compiled a collection of original poems that focus on the terrorism tragedy. 
Written as both emotional and inspirational pieces, America On Fire! features poems that depict the terrorism attacks from various perspectives. The poems' poignant messages will comfort those affected by the tragedy, while they enlighten the world as to the effects the terrorism attacks have had on the American people. America On Fire! offers hope to a nation in mourning and showcases the resilience of the American spirit.

Editorial Reviews

"These poems help people relive their feelings and reactions to 9/11/2001, and to better deal with their emotions." -- Alan S. DeWolfe, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus Loyola University
"This remarkable book provides inspirational healing, helps people share important feelings, and lets readers know that they are not alone." -- Harry Gunn, Ph.D. author or Manipulation by Guilt: How to Avoid 

WORD CASTLES [Paperback] [2001]
Tom Spencer (Author) 

Book Description

A collection of poems by Tom  Spencer, a “formalist poet”

PERCY VARRANTS (aka Gail Galvan)

Publication date: November 15, 2014

On the Literary Road with a Writer

Book Description:
Percy Varrants writes books and poems. She shares literary adventures/books from the past and this current story. One summer, while promoting one of her latest novels at the Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago, she buys a book which then leads her to Jack Kerouac's classic novel, On the Road. Unlike Kerouac, though, Percy travels mostly on the "stepping stone sidewalks in her beloved town and down the imaginative avenues within the neighborhoods of her heart and mind." Though the pursuit of happiness for a writer is a tough journey, the author convinces readers that chasing the dream is what life is all about. Percy inspires and motivates. She also makes the right turns, hops on the literary paths before her and finds clarity and satisfaction as a writer. Always sharing what she learns, the end of the book is filled with pages of helpful links for other writers within her compiled Best Top Ten Lists.


ISBN-10: 1598241915     ISBN-13: 978-1598241914



Book Description

Poetry Palace is a literary artists' gallery where writers can exhibit their work and readers can browse and enjoy. Welcome to our palace!

Gail Galvan (Co-Editor) 


GAIL GALVAN is a Hoosier who has enjoyed being a member of Write-On Hoosiers for years. She is a poet, writer, and self-publisher of twelve books books with the help of her heroes: print on demand publishers.  Galvan admits there are pros and cons to POD publishing, but still considers it a miracle era that allows stories and poems to break into print and come to life.


Sharon Palmeri (Co-Editor) 

SHARON PALMERI, founder and president of Write-On Hoosiers, has taught in all areas of writing for 20+ years, and has had many stories published in magazines and newspapers. Palmeri has freelanced as a ghost writer, editor, book doctor, publicist, and publication consultant. She also has worked as content editor, adviser and layout designer.

Gail Galvan (Author) ISBN-10: 1932701621  ISBN-13: 978-1932701623



Book Description

HS - Hoosier Storybook 2004 is a literary dream come true. Hoosier authors stir up ingredients for some savory literary chicken soup. Sit back and relax while they tell you a bedtime story or share a heartfelt poem. Enjoy this literary adventure!




Gail M. Galvan (Author) ISBN-10: 0741412098   ISBN-13: 978-0741412096

Book Description

 “Literary Talents indeed!  I searched for and found some of Indiana’s amazing literary authors. Whether it is a ballerina’s dream , a steelworker’s sweat and tears, or an unfulfilled wish, nightmare, or daydream come true; this book will keep you up at night.” Gail Galvan






About the Author

A graduate in 1977 with an Associate Degree in Business Management at Goldey Beacom College in Delaware. In 2010, graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies at Baptist College of America in Kokomo, IN.

Book Description

This book keeps the reader on a roller coaster of emotions throughout. This memoir promises to fulfill the reader's desire with whatever they search for in a book. The devastating tragedy of death, a love affair, and the insurmountable events which take place.

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