Friday, October 23, 2009


Members present:

Sharon Palmeri, Sharon Buckman, Tom Wilson, Tom Molnar, George Miga, Beverly Stanislawski, Audrey Warzyniak, Janice Beier, Francest Burkett, Michael Musak, Katherine Flotz

Guest: Don Mach


Sharon Palmeri reminded us all about the Christmas Party at the Lake of the Four Seasons and took payment of the dinner advance of $15.50 per person. The party will be on December 2, 2009.

After the members exchanged introductions and news, we proceeded to the readings as time is short at Borders Cafe, which closes its doors at 9:00 P.M.


Sharon Buckman read "The Final Sentencing" which is the finale to the long awaited sentencing of the killers of her nephew.

Beverly Stanislawski won third place in the 2009 Tennessee State Poetry Contest with her poem titled

"Yesterday's Album". The style is called "Pantoum" which seems quite hard when you follow a series of six quatrains with four lines of definite instructions.

Katherine Flotz had written a seasonal poem called "Autumn Snapshots", representing the colors of the Wisconsin nature palette.

Audrey Warzyniak wrote an untitled essay about a man and his wife and the health questions which arise when one spouse becomes severely handicapped. Do we "pull the plug" or not?

George Miga continues with chapter 8 of his "Medal of Dishonor." This chapter takes place in Waycross, Georgia in 1967. The journey takes us to a nursing home where Bobby Geary is living. He is a possible witness to a heroic deed performed by Corp. Cordell Jackson at the Battle of the Bulge.

Frances Burkett wrote a story entitled "Vicky's Coffin" a supernatural piece about a woman who cried by the river, searching for the children she'd drowned to spite her unfaithful husband.

Tom Molnar wrote a query letter to an agent about his story "Dark Age Maiden" and wanted a critique from the members. He also wrote "She wanted to be a famous novelist" about a young girl named Jasmine who wanted to become a writer and be famous. Things did not happen as fast as she expected.

Michael Musak read part of his play "Katie", letting some of the members take the character readings and use their imagination with accents, etc. Katie is shopping for Halloween and has entered a store where she finds a gypsy costume. We will finish the piece at the next meeting. Please bring the pages you were given.

Janice Beier (using the pseudonym J.C. Yester) wrote "Fragile Lives" a story about a girl's dream in which she was pursued by a frightening figure. It turned out that it was her mother. As she awoke, she screamed so long that a sedative had to be administered by the nurse.

Sharon Palmeri did not read but gave valuable advice.

Tom Wilson did not read but had much to add to some of the stories.

At the last meeting, Rose Ann Ross attended and returned again this evening with a beautiful and moving poem dedicated to our group. She cannot join the group due to other commitments, but wanted to let us know how much she thought of us.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Flotz

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Janice Beier, George Mika, John Boufis, Michael Musak, Beverly Stanislawski, Cathy Dziubla,Audrey Warzyniak, Paul Mulligan, Sharon Buckman, Sharon Palmeri, Tom Wilson


Serena Beier, Rose Ann Ross, Frances Burkett


There will be no regular meeting on December 2nd at the Borders Bookstore. We are planning a Christmas party on that date instead. It will be held at the Lake of Four Seasons clubhouse in the restaurant area. The fee is $l5.50 per person. This will include turkey (with some other type of meat) a vegetable, salad, coffee and dessert.


l. Janice Beier brought along her newly published children's book and told of the good review she received from "" She has also posted a blog.

2. Serena Beier, Janice's daughter, stated she has done a little writing but is not presently working on anything in particular.

3. George Mika is revising his book "Medal of Dishonor"-- a story he has been reading to us at past meetings. He is also working on a short story.

4. John Boufis has been busy with his students and is also doing some revision on a short story he has been working on.

5. Mike Musak has been continuing with work on his screenplay.

6. Tom Wilson told of losing some of his work due to a computer virus.

7. Beverly Stanislawski informed us she had won seven different poetry contests for which she had actually received a check.

8. Cathy Dziubla has been keeping busy with a story called "The Right to Laugh."

9. Audrey Warzyniak stated she has been busy caring for her mother. Her mother is now doing better since she has been on dialysis.

l0. Rose Ann Ross told us she is an inspirational writer, usually working on religious themes but is presently not working on anything.

ll. Frances Burkett has just finished a book entitled "Vicki's Coffin" and is presently working on a 400 word short story.

l2. Paul Mulligan has been looking up agents for his book "Elevator Magic."

l3. Sharon Buckman stated she had been enjoying the day eating out, it was her birthday and her family had taken her out for breakfast and dinner.

l4. Sharon Palmeri has been busy finding a restaurant for our Christmas Party and various other projects.


MIKE MUSAK selected some of the members to participate in his comedy screenplay "The Plant." Everyone enjoyed the play as well as participating in it. We especially enjoyed the ending. Joe had been asked if he would like to get "high". After finally being assured he would not get into trouble they led him to a ladder where he was told he had been given the job of washing the "high" windows - so much for fun.

TOM WILSON received a few suggestions for his query letter regarding the 115,000 word book he had been working on entitled "Hero of the Gods."

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her poem "The Eagle Has Landed." Beverly later revealed the seven stanza poem had really been written about a turkey vulture that had fallen in her backyard - an easy mistake.

CATHY DZIUBLA read the second part of her children's story "Carlisle and Cassie:. Everyone thought she should continue with the story which involved a sneezing snake called Alfred being flown to Arizona by a couple of friends.

AUDREY WARZYNIAK had written an eight stanza poem entitled "Messy Hair." It concerned the frenzied life of a caregiver with a very clever ending.

PAUL MULLIGAN wrote a letter to the plant manager concerning the unfairness of being asked to return money they had previously been awarded. After U. S. Steel received the letter they agreed that only half of the money needed to be returned. Paul was indeed a hero to his fellow union workers.

SHARON BUCKMAN continued with chapter three of her book "Canopy of Leaves." The life of the young captured Anne finally has a better turn of events when she takes an accidental swim with her dog.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Buckman

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Paul Mulligan, Janice Beier, Michael Musak, Beverly Stanislawski, Cathy Dziubla, Sharon Buckman, Sharon Palmeri

Meetings will continue to be held at Borders in Southlake Mall, beginning at 6:30 P.M. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

l. Paul Mulligan mentioned he had been doing some writing which involved a letter of protest to his workplace as well as an article about Michael Jackson's death.

2. Janice Beier is scheduled to do a book signing at the First Financial Bank in Crown Point on Sat., Sept. l9th. She also talked about a rejection letter she had received concerning her newest book, Fragile Lives.

3. Beverly Stanislawski has been entering a number of contests, involving several states; included was her poem written about Chicago which she read to us at the last meeting. At this point she has received no replies.

4. Mike Musak talked about a very nice rejection letter (if there is such a thing) concerning the magazine article he read to us at the last meeting he attended.

5. Cathy Dziubla stated she had spent most of her summer trying to help a friend, Gary Smith, get elected. He was running for the office of State Representative and just recently passed away.

6. Sharon Buckman has been involved with the murder trial of her nephew and other family matters, all keeping her from doing what she likes best, writing.

7. Sharon Palmeri has been spending a lot of her summer enjoying her circular flower garden and is now involved finding homes for the vegetables from her husband's productive vegetable garden. ANYONE NEEDING VEGTABLES - THE'RE FREE. On top of all this she is getting ready to start teaching her newest class on Writing Children's Books at the Merrillville High School and working at the radio station at IUN.

PAUL MULLIGAN read a portion of Chapter Two in his book "Your Doing a Fine Job Son". He started by telling of his relationship with the beautiful and very independent,Elma and how she had exposed him to the wealthier side of life. He also admittedly stated he was not an expert on women but felt that she, and a few other women, had influenced his view of women in general. The basic message of his book was to find the real you before searching for someone.

MIKE MUSAK had written a screen play entitled "The Plant". A few of the members played the various characters which entertained us all. We all felt that he should continue with the play, a comedy which involved trying to get a job in the plant where he used to work.

BEVERALY STANISLOWSKI wrote a very cute children's story entitled "The Odd Bird". The story told of a very odd looking bird named Birdie who had no idea where she came from and endured a lot of teasing from some of the other birds. The end of the story had a good lesson for all.

CATHY DZIUBLA had another true story which involved her experience of being caught behind a school bus. The story entitled "Stuck Behind A School Bus", was an eye opener as to the difference in the amount of time, and gas, school buses take for urban areas compared to country areas. Her account of the attitude of delay and slow walking urban children compared to the running and smiling faces of the country children was quite interesting.

SHARON BUCKMAN read two pages of her newest chapter in "Canopy of Leaves". The main character, Anne, has decided to try and convince her captor that she would like to learn some of the things he is involved in which would help her in her plan to escape. She succeeds in finally getting some praise from him.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Buckman