Saturday, January 21, 2012

JANUARY 18, 2012

George Miga, Sharon Jesik, Kelly Chase, Laurie Chase, Lisa Groszek, Pam Gonzalez, Tom Spencer, Jane Burns, Sharon Palmeri, Beverly Stanislawski, Michelle Vargas, Sharon Buckman, Ron Trigg, Tom Molnar, Liz Wilson, Audrey Warzyniak, Luniel Morrow, Jackie Huppenthal
Julie Perkins
SHARON PALMERI talked about having an entertainment attorney as a guest speaker at one of our meetings. Sharon also asked the members to send her any questions we might like to ask him. Sharon also brought up the question again of having some of our various talented members give a talk concerning their particular genre; she would like to have this decided at the next meeting by using a “favor” or “not in favor” vote.
RON TRIGG gave us the name of David A. Myers, Professor of Law, who stated he would be available for an informal discussion. He also mentioned the name of Curt Cichowski, Associate Dean for Administration & Lecturer in Law, who would be able to answer any of our questions concerning copyrights and emerging technologies.
LUNIEL MORROW introduced herself to our newest member by saying she had taken classes with Sharon Palmeri. She is presently a member of the Magic Hour Writers’ club.
SHARON DORELLI stated she has just returned from the east coast where she was able to visit her new baby granddaughter.
JACKIE HUPPENTHAL introduced herself by saying she belonged to a “whole bunch of writers’ groups.”
AUDREY WARZYNIAK stated she has made a resolution to write at least 20 pages a week.
BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI stated that she had just recently won four poetry contests.
LIZ WILSON stated she likes to write dark fantasy and is presently revising one of her novels. She has also started to write a short story.
PAMELA GONZALEZ stated she likes writing for older children. She also stated she is a member of the Magic Hour Writers’ Club as well as Write on Hoosiers and since she lacks a lot of time to write, she will be reading more of the stories she writes for Magic Hour.
MICHELLE VARGAS stated she likes to write Christian fiction and has just recently finished revising 12 pages of her story.
LISA GROSZEK stated she likes writing stories related to the paranormal.
JULIE PERKINS, our newest guest, stated she previously taught high school English. She is now a stay at home mother, living in Demotte, who is only able to write her short stories and poetry when the children are sleeping. (We can all relate to that.)
TOM SPENCER stated “I write.” He also added that he had a busy week.
LAURIE CHASE told us she has just recently gotten a new job. She is also finishing editing her novel.
KELLY CHASE stated she likes writing dark fantasy and is finishing taking her high school semester finals.
SHARON JESIK enjoys writing and is presently working on editing her novel, Corn Dancer.
JANE BURNS told us she is busy working doing radical revision on her novel, Atalanta.
GEORGE MIGA mentioned he had just received a query rejection concerning his novel, Medal of Dishonor. He also stated he might begin working on another one of his books.
RON TRIGG stated he has been working on his African memoirs every day.
TOM MOLNAR mentioned he has been checking into Amazon’s “Create Space” and “Lightning Source.” He explained some of the various differences between them, as well as Kindle Direct. He just recently decided to go with Amazon for his novel, Dark Age Maiden.
SHARON BUCKMAN stated she has been busy editing her novel, Canopy of Leaves.
JACKIE HUPPENTHAL read her nine stanza poem entitled, Up Again. The delightful poem related to the problems with having insomnia.
AUDREY WARZYNIAK, taking a suggestion posted on the WOH blog, read the last paragraph of her yet unwritten short story. The story is still untitled.
LIZ WILSON continued with her novel, The Grindylow. In this part of the story, Kelsey is finally able to convince Coy and his brother Val that she is capable of removing the curse from Coy. She removed the curse and is offered a place to stay.
TOM MOLNAR read two pages of Ancient Love Story. The story tells of the love between Donal and Sarim, set during ancient times, and how Donal turns his love into a lasting memorial after Sarim’s death.
RON TRIGG, inspired by his trip to New Orleans, read his short story entitled, Mystical Advice. The story tells of advice he was given by a physic named Raven’s Star.
BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her four stanza poem entitled,” Time Thief”. The poem related to cancer, the Time Thief, and the battle it entails.
TOM SPENCER brought his five stanza poem entitled, “Creativity Creature”. The poem asks the question of the illusive muse, for the inspiration he is seeking and ends with “within my mind my soul to feed, you are my creature of creativity.”
SHARON BUCKMAN read the last two pages of her true short story, Weekend Best Forgotten. The story tells of how her family was pulled into a murder committed by a friend and employee of her husbands.
MICHELLE VARGAS continued reading her story, Multitude of Conviction. This part of the story, taken place during the time of the Exodus, tells of how Khalif saves Lesedi from a mob of soldiers and later loses his own life.
LISA GROSZEK read her eight stanza poem entitled, “Ode to Chicago”. The poem tells the story of a mother and child walking down the streets of Chicago and the child breaking away to donate money to a homeless musician.
KELLY CHASE continued with her novel, The Ring. During this part of the story Kristine is finally able to attend the concert she was walking to when struck by a car. During the concert she is pulled onto the stage and begins to sing with Jesse, the star of the concert.
JANE BURNS continued with her novel, Atalanta. Lacheia, the midwife who has taken in the seven year old destructive Atalanta, finds that the child is finally beginning to adapt in small ways by uttering her first word.
LAURIE CHASE continued her novel, Badradin. This part of her novel tells of the bloody fight between Togalaz and Izrof. The fight was instigated by Izrof for no other reason than the child was different than the others.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.
Respectfully submitted:
Sharon Buckman

Thursday, January 5, 2012

JANUARY 4, 2012

Ron Trigg, Liz Wilson, Pam Gonzalez, Lisa Groszek, Sandra Nantais, Tom Spencer, Sharon Jesik, Jane Burns, George Miga, Carol Castaneda, Gail Galvin, Laurie Chase, Kelly Chase, Michelle Vargas, Kathy Flotz, Sharon Buckman, Sharon Palmeri
RON TRIGG is still working on his African project. He also stated that he had lots of company over the Christmas holiday.
LIZ WILSON stated that work on her book has begun to lag due to the enjoyment of her new Christmas gift, a gift certificate to a restaurant where she enjoyed a lobster dinner.
PAM GONZALEZ attended many Christmas parties over the holiday for which she is slowly beginning to recover. She also stated that her daughter and three children have found an apartment and will be moving from her house this coming weekend.
LISA GROSZEK stated she has had very little free time over the holidays due to her job coupled with her two children; however, she is planning on finishing her new novel. She also attended a self-publishing expo in New York; she didn’t feel it was all that beneficial.
SANDRA NANTAIS launched a new project, portrait photos for seniors. She stated she goes to various senior centers with a backdrop, and cameras, to take the pictures; she seems to be making a lot of seniors and their families very happy. She is also enjoying her new Kindle.
JANE BURNS has made a New Year’s resolution to do 25 pages a week on the revision of her novel, Atalanta. She also stated that her father, William, also a member of WOH, is recovering from brain surgery performed last week and is doing well.
GEORGE MIGA, besides painting a bathroom last week, sent out eight query letters to different agents concerning his novel, “Medal of Dishonor.”
CAROL CASTANEDA stated she just enjoyed celebrating the holidays with her stepdaughter who paid them a surprise visit from Taiwan.
GAIL GALVAN stated she also enjoyed the holidays, but ate too much. She also stated that she finished editing her latest book and is now planning on writing some poetry.
LAURIE CHASE stated that despite some family turmoil she enjoyed a quiet Christmas and sang a solo in their church.
KELLY CHASE has completed 54 pages on her book, “The Ring.”
SHARON BUCKMAN stated she entertained her children and grandchildren by having the usual family dinner; she also completed editing another chapter of her novel, “Canopy of Leaves.”
MICHELLE VARGAS has been reading some historical fiction and is presently working on a short story.
KATHERINE FLOTZ stated she just recently ordered another 1,000 books of her novel, “Pebble In My Shoe.” She and her husband, George, have also lined up three more speaking engagements at Purdue and various churches for the promotion of her book.
SHARON PALMERI stated she enjoyed the holiday (after a short stay in the hospital}, by starting to read a Stephen King novel entitled, “11-22-63” Sharon also made an announcement that WOH now has $217.50 left in the account following our Christmas Party, etc. She also mentioned that the WOH officers met on Dec. 19th to discuss various plans for the upcoming year. Some of the plans included possibly having some of our very talented members give a series of “mini-talks” concerning their particular genres. The series would take place at various times throughout the year at different libraries.
MICHELLE VARGAS read four pages of her short story entitled, “A Multitude of Conviction.” This well written story is a love story that also gives the point of view of the Hebrew people during the time of the Exodus.
GAIL GALVAN, instead of giving a reading, passed out copies to our members concerning help on self-publishing; thank you Gail.
LIZ WILSON continued with her novel, “The Grindylow.” In this part of her novel, Kelsey, a young woman who had managed to escape being a rape victim, is determined to help a mute cook get rid of his curse; his brother is equally determined she will not.
SANDRA NANTAIS read her four page short story entitled, “I Hate the Beach.” Sandra’s story starts out with giving all the details of why she hates the beach and ends with her equal enthusiasm of how much she now likes it.
KELLY CHASE continued with her novel entitled, “The Ring.” In this part of the novel, Kristine, who was walking to a concert with her friends, is hit by a moving car. Kristine is almost killed but is miraculously saved by “The Ring.”
LAURIE CHASE continued with her completely revised novel, “Badradin.” The novel begins with Badradin escaping a near death encounter with a tall, black creature called a Troden. Badradin then begins to head towards her cave with her constant companion, Grizzka, and is suddenly attacked again by the Troden. This time the two are able to kill the beast and escape.
SHARON BUCKMAN read the beginning of her short true story entitled, “Weekend Best Forgotten.” The story tells of a murder, committed by a family friend, and how her husband and their family is pulled into it.
RON TRIGG continues with his African memoirs, this part is entitled, “Devil in the Desert.” Ron tells of a close encounter with a horned viper, a very venomous snake that travels across the desert in a sidewinding fashion, and had entered one of their tents.
LISA GROSZEK read from her novel entitled, “Maude Defined.” The story begins with Maude, a neophyte vampire, being pursued instead of doing the pursuing, down a dark street. Maude finally began to hear a voice in her head that was apparently trying to help her, giving her some guidance and the direction she wanted.
TOM SPENCER brought his four stanza poem entitled, “The Nutcracker, Sweet.” The poem relates how an experienced craftsman renders a walnut limb into a cherished piece of wood.
SHARON JESIK continued with her novel, “Corn Dancer.” In this part of her novel the detectives reveal that the murder victim, Dotty, had been poisoned by being injected with snake venom as well as another botanical substance. The detectives decide to pay a visit to the museum curator, Andrew Tafoya, since the museum held a connection to both Dotty and another murder victim as well.
JANE BURNS continued with chapter four of her novel, “Atalanta.” In this part of the story seven year old Atalanta is now living with Lachela, a local midwife who had agreed to take her in after the seven year old had been living in the wild all her life. Lacheia, who has tried to keep Atalanta from constantly escaping, gives her a copper dish with which Atalanta can see herself for the first time.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m..
Respectfully submitted:
Sharon Buckman