Saturday, December 31, 2011


There was no snow this year at the Lakes of the Four Seasons Country Club as Write on Hoosiers celebrated their 23rd anniversary at their annual Christmas banquet. The banquet’s theme this year was “The Write Road”, and offered plenty of cheer, good food -and as usual, many gifts.

Sharon Palmeri recapped the past year’s events, mentioning that we gained ten new members this year with an additional four returning members.

After the WOH recap, the microphone was given to members of three other writers’ group members for them to recap on their year’s events. These included:

Indiana Writers Consortium,

Northwest Indiana Poetry Society,

and Magic Hour Writers.

By the way (referring to the above photos) -- no, you are not seeing double photos. Many of us belong to more than one organization!

This year WOH was very surprised by two special gifts donated by Chapel Lawn Funeral home. As generous as they were the past year allowing WOH a place to meet, and offered great coffee as well -- we certainly didn’t expect any more! The donated gifts were awarded when a member’s name was blindly picked from a basket.

Sandra Nantais received a Kindle,

and Lisa Groszek

received a mystery envelope. We will have to ask her what was in it next time we see her!

A special gift was given to Pam Gonzalez

from the members as a token of their appreciation for not only finding us a new meeting place, but graciously taking on the responsibilities that went with it.

Katherine Flotz (Vice President/Treasurer)

and Sharon Buckman (Secretary)

received gifts from Sharon Palmeri and WOH members for their dedicated work as vice president and treasurer,

and Sharon Palmeri

received a gift from the membership.

And … George Miga

left with something special

– but you will have to ask him what it was.

After the gift exchange we proceeded with the unveiling and distribution of the 2011 (8th issue) of the

Hoosier Horizon magazine.

Write-on Hoosiers group

Hmmmm… I guess you could say that these are the “pictorial minutes” from the banquet.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Palmeri

More Photos:

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