Saturday, November 6, 2021

OCTOBER 28, 2021



Amy Brailey, Sharon Palmeri, Katherine Flotz, Shirley Vaughan, (Friend of Shirley’s—Mary Tubis), Sharon Buckman, Beverly Stanislawski, Cindy Horgash, Corri and Paula Stephenson, and Gail Galvan



A vote of approval for the October 14, 2021 minutes was given by and Shirley Buckman and Katherine Flotz.






SHARON PALMERI announced again that the annual Christmas party for WOH would be at Pappas on December 9th, the second Thursday. Members are encouraged to bring spouses or friends. There will be no meeting at Pappas in November.



BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI announced that she had taken a second place and two honorable mentions in a poetry contest in Ohio.  Second place was for “Wolf’s Bane” and H. M. for “Cross Words” and “Salmon—Haiku”.  



AMY BRAILEY continued with her novel, Jon Everett and the Hall of History, with chapter 30.  She confided that it is nearing the end, and she has already completed the story.  In this chapter, as Jon listens in, Colonel Dunbar and Washington speak after marching and fighting. It is learned that Washington estimates that “We lost between 800 and 900 men of our ranks.”  The idea is to follow “General Braddock’s plan to retreat at least as far as Wills Creek.”

SHARON PALMERI continued with her memoir.  This passage is titled “The Story of Love—and rough times.” It covers Sharon and John’s wedding, which was not an easy piece of wedding cake by any means.  Dad came late, and a mother-in-law created all kinds of tension and stress that day and thereafter.  “The honeymoon was great.  It was short because John didn’t have vacation time yet.” John gets offered a job in Australia but turns it down.  The loving couple rent a “nice little apartment in Glen Park, after moving out of a house John owned with his mother,” and Sharon gets pregnant as life moves along.

KATHERINE FLOTZ answered another question for her kids and the book they are compiling.  The question was, “How did you rebel as a child?” She stated that she, in fact, did not go through any rebellious stages in her lifetime.  She wrote, “I was grateful to have someone take care of me in those awful days of the concentration camp…I never needed to rebel against my guardians (my aunt and uncle), because they loved me and provided for me.”

SHIRLEY VAUGHAN shared some info about publishing books through three companies and the differences they offer. Draft2Digital and Kindle Direct Publishing will self-publish books for free and place on Amazon, but do not edit your works or advertise. Trilogy Christian Publishing is part of TBN Christian T.V. station. They will edit and advertise books but for a high cost. There was also a following discussion about trying to beware of scams.

SHARON BUCKMAN read a short story about a young mother trying to give herself a birthday present of a quiet evening alone when it is interrupted by a terrible storm and strangers breaking into her house.  It gets spooky for a bit and the home owner readies herself with a toy gun, until we find out that the intruders just need a place due to an emergency.  “I’m sorry we had to break into your house, but my wife is having a baby and it looks like your house if going to be where it will happen.”

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI recited two poems:  “Bubblicious” (a man tries to show off blowing the largest bubble ever.  He does not succeed.)  Secondly, “Beware the Baba Yaga” (Baba Yaga means witch in polish) tells the tale of how children need to beware of this witch or they may never be seen again!

The Baba Yaga was what they saw

With witch’s hat and pointed jaw.

She comes around each Hallow’s eve

To try to make small ones believe.”

CINDY HORGASH shared a short story titled, “Underfoot.” Underfoot means constantly present and in one’s way as noted by Merriam-Webster.  It paints a literary heartfelt portrait of what it was like to be the youngest of three siblings, referred to as a “crazy kid,” and grow up in a “home ruled with an iron fist”. The problem was she was a “kid-size conscientious objector”. Cindy gives many humorous examples of how she got into trouble and how she tried to get out of it.  Especially by tucking food from supper into the legs of the table.  “Who knew those table legs were hollow and open-ended like  a funnel and sealed at the base with a steel button?”  Her story was submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul. We’ll see if they are paying attention!

GAIL GALVAN read a silly poem in honor of Halloween titled, “Elviral” who happened to be a Russian spy, dressed up for the part in long shiny black hair and black attire.  She sported a long cigarette and asked for American secrets.  The spy also had a pet croc she named Croctober.   



somewhat known for her fame.

She likes tic-tacs,

given a nickname.


They call her


Fears what she does

and all that she knows.”


The meeting was adjourned shortly before 8:30 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Gail Galvan

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

OCTOBER 14, 2021



 Valia Hardashian, Cindy Horgash, Katherine Flotz, Amy Brailey, Beverly Stanislawski,

Sharon Palmeri, Shirley Vaughn, Shirley Hinman, Diane Stratton


KATHERINE FLOTZ and AMY BRAILEY acknowledged that they had read the minutes from the previous meeting and they were correct.  The minutes were then approved.




VALIA HARDASHIAN said that he had found a website called “Authors Publish” that will send info on journals and book companies that are accepting material.  It sends contest information to those on the mailing list.  He also mentioned that there is another publishing source called TBN Publishing that can be found on Facebook.  He said it was like a Christian TV Station.



CINDY HORGASH read her poem entitled, “THE FIRST GRADE WHISPERER.”  It tells the words and actions of a “spellbinder” who quiets an unruly First Grade class with books and stories. 

BEVERLY STANISLAWSKI read her fiction story entitled, “A MATTER OF TIME.”  In this story a hen-pecked husband decides to kill his wife.  However, he does not.  She reminds us to remember that murder may be “A Matter of Time”.

SHIRLEY HINMAN read her poem entitled, “FRIGHTFUL NIGHT.”  It is about a frightful Halloween night.  Lilith, a little girl, was trick or treating when she met an old man who slammed the door in her face.  (Shirley reminded us that Lilith is the name of the mother of all witches.)

KATHERINE FLOTZ read her short story that answered the topic, “WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE SOUNDS?”  This title was one of an assortment of subject questions that she receives on a weekly basis that will be published at the end of the year for her family.  She included a number of various sounds including human voices of loved ones as well as sounds of nature among others.  These were all sounds that evoked positive feelings.

AMY BRAILEY continued reading from her novel, JON EVERETT AND THE HALL OF HISTORY with Chapter 29.  It describes how Jon, the soldier in George Washington’s army, receives the news that Washington has returned and that General Braddock has died.  He and the other soldiers are instructed by Washington to bury General Braddock in in the middle of the road to obscure the location of his remains.

SHARON PALMERI continued reading from her memoir with  two selections from 1967.  The first was entitled, ‘THE BIRD AND THE EAGLES—DOCTORS--.”  She explained how some surgeons acted in an intimidating manner while she was training and working as a Surgery/OB Technician . This was why she chose OB rather than OR to work in.   The second entry was entitled, “GUYS—CAN BE STRANGE—.“ She wrote about how she dated several guys who she thought had perplexing ideas about life and love, including a guy named Jack who suggested that if she really wanted to know how guys think, she should read men’s magazines.  She suggested that he cut out articles for her to read because she was not buying men’s magazines. She told him she thought the magazine “Psychology Today” would give her plenty of insight.


The meeting which began at 4:45 P.M. was adjourned at 6:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted: